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Ruth Loveless, School Administrator
Physical Address: 1302 S. Broad St.
Carlinville, IL 62626
Mailing Address: 426 E. 1st North St.
Carlinville, IL 62626
Phone: 217.825.3035
Labs held in Carlinville & locations in the Chicago area.
Register 3 weeks in advance


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Q:  What is included with my $975.00 tuition?
A:   Your tuition includes the following:

  • textbook
  • study outline
  • CD includes
    • introduction
    • administrative code
    • 1000 slides in power point presentation of inspection points
    • sample test questions
  • 5 Field Event Inspection Lab Course
  • prequalification exam / transcript

Q: Where do I have to go for the lab?
A: 1302 South Broad St., Carlinville, IL 62626, HIPQS's educational center or there are several locations in the Chicago area. Call to confirm location for either site 3 weeks prior to date wanted.

Q:  What other fees are involved with becoming a Home Inspector?
A:  Illinois exam fee - $125.00 and License Application fee - $250.00

Q: How long after I take your class will I get my license?
A: The time line depends entirely on you, how much experience you have, and how much time you have to devote to the home study.  You may take the State test as soon as you feel prepared.  We have seen people get their license in as little as two weeks.  You will definitely want to be prepared as the State test costs $125.00 each time you take it.

Q:  How do I know if I can make a living as a Home Inspector?
A:  The Home Inspection industry is very new with lots of opportunity.  Licensed Home Inspectors in Illinois have only been regulated since 2003.  Can you be successful in this business?  This depends on the individual:

  • How motivated are you? 
  • Are you a self-starter? 
  • Contact Realtors in your area to determine if Home Inspectors are commonly used. 
  • Call Home Inspectors and ask them how busy they are. 
  • How many inspections per week are they doing?  

Do a little research and you should get a feel for it before long.

Q:  When can I start?
A:  You can start at any time convenient for you. Our one day lab (required by the State of Illinois) is offered on the third Monday or Friday of each month. It would be good to get your study materials at least a week prior to the lab.

Q:  When do I need to pay you and does it all have to be upfront?
A:  Tuition is expected at the time that you send in your application. However, we do offer a financial plan. Send in one half $487.50 with the application. Upon receipt I will send out all of the information required for the home study part of the program. You can even attend the one day lab for the $487.50. At the completion of the lab; students are required to take an exam called the Pre-Qualification Exam. All passing students receive their transcript at the completion of the exam/lab day. This transcript is required to be presented to the testing station when you go in to take your state exam (held in various locations throughout the state). The transcript for financial aid students is held here at the office until the tuition is paid in full.

Q:  What tools are needed for a home inspection and what is the approximate cost for them?
A:  You will need a good strong flashlight, GFCI tester, screwdriver, clip board, home inspection check list, computer ,program for writing reports, computer, printer, or ability to email reports. Most of the common tools can be picked up at Wal-Mart for a minimal cost. You will need a computer, telephone and various office equipment. There are various other tools and help-aids that one could use especially if you go into other areas of home inspection; such as radon testing, mold testing, asbestos. The actual start up cost is really minimal especially if you already have a home office.

Q:  Is there software provided upon completion for inspections or forms provided?
A:  HIPQS has an arrangement with 3D software to provide inspection software to students and visitors. 3D School Edition has been assembled with affordability in mind. The product is a special 3D Focus version, and is set up with all the documents and forms typically needed by the graduating inspector. It’s easy to operate and is super affordable.

3D School Edition contains time-tested sets of unique home inspection forms, along with comments. Inspectors have full capabilities to add photos, draw diagrams, change comments permanently, rearrange forms, and the like. The School Edition includes our Pocket 3D companion software for handheld devices (Pocket PC not included), and one year of free software updates. If you would like to learn more about the School Edition, here is the link.

Q:  Do you offer more advanced Inspection software?
 Yes HIPQS offers 3D Inspection System and Premier software. If you are a student you can save 2% on your purchase of the 3D Inspection System or Premier programs if you use the coupon code PREQUAL2. Now available: $100 Rebate after the purchase of the software and the class.

Q:  How long does an inspection take?
A:  Most inspectors have told me that they usually schedule 3 hours for an inspection. Of course, this would depend somewhat on the size of the property inspected.

Q:  How much can you charge for an inspection?
A:  Depends on the size of the property and what you are inspecting. If you are doing extra inspections for radon, swimming pools, etc. an additional charge would be acceptable for those inspections. A price range is normally between $150.00 to $475.00.

Q:  What is the average salary for a home inspector?
A:  I can't really say what an average salary might be. The salary depends on what type and how many inspections you are doing. Many home inspectors are self-employed and start their own business. A successful home inspector is self-motivated. He makes contact with realtors, bankers, and networks with all of these people. His salary also depends on how hard he is willing to work. There are also home inspection salaried jobs for HUD housing projects, most cities have their own building inspector. A home inspector can make his own niche. One area that is upcoming is commercial inspections. Of course, more income can be charged for the commercial building inspection industry.


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